London: The Ideal Location For Wedding Photography

The London Charm London is quite the city. Most would agree that it is one of the most vibrant and exciting places in the world, and this is why it attracts over 15 million tourists every year. The Royal Wedding of the 2011 has already highlighted the romance of the city, and The Olympics in […] Click here to read more

Welcome to The Creative Wedding Photographer’s website!

Tim James, The Creative Wedding Photographer is an artist and photographer.

With a style that blends fine art with photojournalism, Tim James is one of the UK’s most sought-after wedding photographers.

Tim’s art background (See The Photographer )has trained him to work to perfection in creating balanced compositions with maximum impact. His experience of fashion photography will be sure to mean that all the splendour of your dress, the bridesmaids, hats and fabrics will come to life and show you and your guests at their best. Tim’s approach on the day is empathetic yet unobtrusive.

‘My photography is about beauty, emotion, fun, glamour, drama and love. My aim is to provide you with totally unique images that are as individual as you and the day you have planned.

The excitement and good will at weddings makes my work rewarding and a real pleasure. Meeting and working with people at such a momentous stage in their lives is a great privilege. I can guarantee that you will find me sensitive to your needs and a sympathetic chronicler of the big day.’ – Tim James

Tim covers weddings nationally and internationally but is focused mostly in Oxford, Cambridge and London.

Tim looks forward to hearing from you and discussing dates and pricing.